These Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches With Meteorite Dial Are Just So Charming

From the vast universe falling into to the earth, meteorite with its unique charm presents us the best visual effect. Each piece of meteorite with different lines, when it shows up on the dial of the watch, what would happen?

Grey Leather Strap Fake Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Of The Moon “Meteorite” Watches

Meteorite dial is based on a slice of the Gibeon meteorite that had fallen in namibia in prehistoric times. You can directly see the lines of meteorite on this white scale replica Omega watch, also with the decoration of the Sedna gold, making the whole replica Omega watch more eye-catching.

Black Bezel Replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo Watches

For this steel case replica Omega Speedmaster watch, the meteorite dial also is so charming, through moderate oxidation treatment, making the whole dial seem to be black, and at the same time, with co-axial movement inside, providing the accurate and reliable time.