Blue Amorous Feelings In Mediterranean – Wonderful Replica IWC Portugieser IW371215 Watches

Blue is a magnificent color, the vast view of sky and the sea all present blue. Blue is the symbol of eternity, and at the same time is the coldest color. Pure blue reveals beautiful, quiet, sensible, peaceful and clean, just like Milan.

This city has one of the four famous international fashion week title. Milan Fashion Week has always been considered as the “barometer” of world’s fashion design and consumption, but for the “Milan watch” , maybe you are not familiar with, then what is Milan watch?

IWC had ever launched a kind of watch that related to Milan, that is the red gold case fake IWC IW371215 watch. Based on the fake IWC IW3712-14 watch, and also changing the Valijoux7750 movement to 76240 movement, and at the same time adding the rangefinder and speedometer functions.

This black leather strap fake IWC Portugieser watch features the 41mm diameter rose gold case matching the cool deep blue dial, this cascading layout just presenting us a charming Mediterranean style.