US The Best 1:1 Replica Omega Speedmaster Watch Buyer’s Guide — Part 1

In 2021, Omega updated the iconic high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with the caliber 3861 movement. A very good reason to update our Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide as well!
This guide dates all the way back to 2014, and since then, a lot happened. Not only did we have our own way with Omega and the two Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watches (in 2017 and 2018), Omega copy also introduced a number of interesting Speedmaster watches to the collection. What about the Speedmaster Calibre 321 from 2020, or the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer models in gold? Time for us to update this Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide.

In this Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide, we give you an overview of the most important references of the Speedmaster (Professional) and some of the Mark-series and other variations. Although this article isn’t meant as a pricing guide, we will give some hints, of course. This article is most likely not giving you any new information if you’re already a Speedmaster collector. But for those who are not, it will provide some basic information on the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster series.
Introduction to the Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide
An introduction to the Swiss movement copy Omega Speedmaster isn’t necessary we think. We all know about this iconic timepiece. So let’s focus on how to use this Speedmaster buyer’s guide instead.
Without going into great detail on each of the references mentioned in this article, we will link to articles in which we did. Over the past 9 years, since we started Speedy Tuesday, we have reviewed and written about many different models and references. The longer, more focused articles on the site are a great resource. Especially for newcomers to the hobby.

In this series of articles, we will focus on the various steps to take when you are in the process of buying — or collecting — Speedmaster watches. We will give some hints regarding Speedmaster prices, but as this may vary on the part of the world you are living in (taxes, currencies) we won’t emphasize this too much. For now, much more important are the details you should look for when you’ve found a Speedmaster of your choice.
Omega Speedmaster Models
One of the questions we often receive is if we can give some guidance on all the different models out there. If you are new to luxury copy Omega Speedmaster watches, it might seem like a bit of a horological wilderness. If you’re looking for the actual Moonwatch model (the reference that went to the Moon), read this article validated by Omega. Or, if you are looking for the current Omega Speedmaster Professional that is closest to the original Moonwatch, click here. Sometimes it is so confusing, that people wonder if the Speedmaster Reduced is a Moonwatch too (it isn’t).
If you are looking for a particular reference or model, you can use the search function on this website. Chances are very high you will find what you’re looking for.

US Swiss Fake Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Silver Snoopy Commemorates Apollo Missions

The silver dial fake Omega Snoopy Speedmaster 50th Anniversary watch is the third in the highly collectible “Snoopy” series, and anyone who doesn’t have one yet will be happy to know that this one is not a limited edition. The small-seconds subdial depicts the lovable beagle from the cartoon strip “Peanuts” a motif that is commemorative of the Silver Snoopy Award presented by NASA astronauts “in appreciation’ for professionalism, dedication, and outstanding support that greatly enhanced space flight safety and mission success.” It is also a nod to the 50th anniversary of NASA’s most famous moon mission, the Apollo 13.

The story starts with the Apollo 10 mission, the first to reference the “Peanuts” comic strip. Its Command Module was named “Charlie Brown” and the Lunar Excursion Module was called “Snoopy” because its job was to snoop around for good landing sites for the next mission. Thereafter, NASA began using Snoopy as a mascot for its spaceflight safety initiative, and the Silver Snoopy Award, a silver pin, was given to NASA employees and contractors by astronauts to celebrate achievements related to mission success and human flight safety. The Omega Speedmaster replica with blue bezel refers to the 50th anniversary of the 1970 Apollo 13 mission, which went awry when one of the oxygen tanks in the Service Module exploded, damaging the Command Module. The astronauts had to use the Lunar Excursion Module to come home to earth, and to make that possible, they had to use their luxury copy Omega Speedmasters to time a critical, 14-second firing of the LEM’s rocket engine to correct their homeward trajectory. In 1970, Omega was given a Silver Snoopy Award to commemorate the Speedmaster’s role in the flight.
Omega introduced its first Snoopy Speedmaster in 2003, a limited edition of 5,441. It was followed by another commemorative Snoopy in 2015, limited to 1,970 pieces to mark the year of the Apollo 13 flight. Both are rarities now, and highly sought after by collectors. The new, best quality Omega fake watch piece is unlimited. Its 42mm case is steel, with blue accents on the hands, markers, subdials and bezel. It is priced at $9,600, and contains the METAS-certified caliber 3861.

US Quality Fake Omega Speedmaster From The Moon To Mars 3577.50 Online

In this post, you will know something about this Swiss made Omega Speedmaster replica is a model that many consider an ugly duck. It’s the From the Moon to Mars numbered edition. I still remember the introduction on April 17th during Baselworld in 2004. There was a special press conference with astronaut Gene Cernan, Omega CEO Stephen Urquhart, Nick Hayek, Nicolas Hayek, and Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier.

Stainless Steel Fake Omega Speedmaster 3577.50 Watch

The main reason why many people consider From the Moon to Mars an ugly duck is because of how the printing of the subdials was done. Not only because they’re so colorful, but also for the quality of printing. The more or less photo-realistic planets – earth, moon, and mars – have quite a grainy resolution.

Black Dial Replica Omega Speedmaster 3577.50 Watch

The perfect fake Omega Speedmaster From The Moon to Mars 3577.50 watch was in production from 2004 and discontinued around 2012/2013. An exact number of the total production is unknown, but the consensus is that over 6,000 ongoing numbered pieces exist.

Ryan Reynolds’ best US Omega replica watch is out of this world (but you can buy it)

Ryan Reynolds may be one of the funniest guys on social media, as well as the blueprint for a working superhero-cum-father of three, but he’s also quite the watch collector.

Up his sleeve he boasts a Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale, Panerai Luminor Marina, Piaget Altiplano Scrimshaw and Cartier Roadster Chronograph. But one wristwatch that stands out the most to us is his black dial fake Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon, which we reckon you don’t even need to be a multimillion-dollar-earning actor or have a Twitter following of more than 16.6 million to pull off.
The watch in question is just another in copy Omega’s line of space-themed timepieces, which pays homage to the brand being the first to have placed one on the moon (Buzz Aldrin wore a Speedmaster when he walked on the moon in 1969).

Reynolds’ own all-black ultra-chic wrist-gear references the dark side of the moon (you know, the side we never see), as well as that successful 1969 Apollo 11 mission, and was made using a single piece of black zirconium oxide ceramic, with Omega moving away from the typical gold and steel frames of previous Speedmasters. Inside, the Omega Speedmaster replica with black ceramic case features a Co-Axial Calibre 9300 and a rather impressive power reserve of 60 hours, which would be handy if you were to make it to the moon yourself.
The strap of the Swiss made copy Omega is made from – yep, you guessed it – black nylon and features a titanium clasp, while within the case the polished black ceramic dial features sub-dial rings, diamond-polished 18-carat white-gold hands, a polished rhodium-plated seconds hand with a red tip, and 18-carat white-gold applied indexes.

Forget acting, a watch like that could earn Ryan Reynolds (and you) a place in Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s squadron.

Best US Replica Watches Top Quality Automatic Movement For Sale Online

Hello everyone! Nice to see you again. Today I will recommend different perfect fake watches for different style men.

Best Choice For Gentlemen

The overall design of this IWC Portofino is elegant and classic.
Brown Leather Strap Copy IWC Portofino

People who are interested in dress watches will fall in love with this IWC Portofino copy with rose gold case. The timepiece has been endowed with the mild and gentle temperament by the rose gold case, white dial, rose gold hour markers and brown leather strap.

Best Choice For Sporty Men

The Speedmaster perfectly presents the appearance of the moon.
Black Ceramic Bezel Copy Omega Speedmaster

In order to commemorate the event of first circle lunar, Omega launched the black ceramic case imitation Omega Apollo 8. The unique uneven dial perfectly presents the appearance of the moon. The yellow elements are striking and eye-catching on the black dial.

These Cool Replica Watches With Black Appearance Show A Lot Of Surprise

Black has always been a perfect color, not only in the watchmaking industry, hat also can be said as one of the most popular colors in other aspects. And once these black watches putting on the wrists, that would make people more eye-catching, with extremely charismatic. Here just come some.

Luminous Scale Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM00616 Watches

Drawing the inspiration from the watch in 1956, this replica Panerai watch specially decorating the iconic rotating frame, which can be said as very practical as a professional diver watch, with 300m waterproof.
Replica Panerai With 300M Waterproof

Drawing the inspiration from the watch in 1956, this replica Panerai watch specially decorating the iconic rotating frame, which can be said as very practical as a professional diver watch, with 300m waterproof. Not only just with the innovative material, this fancy replica Panerai watch also carries the delicate appearance, also equipping with precise and outstanding movement, completely reflecting the delicate watchmaking technology.

Black Dial Replica Omega Speedmaster 311. Watches

This replica Omega watch is specially designed for saluting to the pioneer spirit of astronauts, with totally black color, this one easily attracting a lot of people.
Remarkable Replica Omega

This replica Omega watch is specially designed for saluting to the pioneer spirit of astronauts, with totally black color, this one easily attracting a lot of people. Also with 44mm diameter, ceramic material and carefully design, this wonderful replica Omega watch looks so classical and charming.

Accompany You Every Sun Alternate – Wonderful Replica Moonphase Watches

For these moonphase watches, which can directly present the dynamic change of the moon, showing the laws of motion between stars on the watches. Here, I’d like to show several moonphase watches to spend everyday with you.

Black Strap Fake IWC Portofino IW516406 Watches

As a manual winding watch, this replica IWC watch also can show you surprise.
Steel Case Replica IWC

As a manual winding watch, this fancy replica IWC watch also can show you surprise. White dial matches with the black scale and blue pointers also setting with power display and small second dial, presenting us the clear time display. And at the same time, also with the delicate moonphase display, that just highlights the whole design style.

Blue Strap Fake Omega Speedmaster 304. Watches

This is a ceramic watch, with ceramic case matching the blue ceramic dial, presenting a unique charm of the blue.
Exquisite Replica Omega

This is a ceramic watch, with ceramic case matching the blue ceramic dial, presenting a unique charm of the blue. And at the same time, upon the blue dial that also sets with white gold scale and pointers, also shows the luxurious style. Of course, the most eye-catching feature of this white scale fake Omega still should be the moonphase display, which directly presenting the harm of the moon.

Charming Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches Always Can Show Us Surprise

As a famous chronograph watch, Omega Speedmaster series has brilliant achievements and long history.with the outstanding performance, these wonderful replica Omega watches achieved a lot of attention. Here, I’d like to show you several.

Yellow Second Hand Replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Watches

An Eye-catching Replica Omega Watch With Bright Design And Accurate Functions
White Scale Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

This is a new watch in 2018 which just launched for marking the 50th anniversary of success of Apollo 8. The unique feature of this black strap fake Omega Speedmaster watch is using the delicate skeleton dial, directly presenting the feeling on the moon. And also with the delicate ceramic material and accurate 1861 movement, the whole replica Omega watch just gives us a big surprise.

Black Dial Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches

With Firm Material And Delicate Performance, This Fake Omega Watch Can Easily Catch People's Attentions
Steel Case Replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

As one of the most representative watches of Speedmaster series, this luminous pointers replica Omega watch equips with the black dial and black bezel matching the stainless steel case and bracelet, the whole replica Omega directly presents the beauty of classic. Inside of this fake Omega watch is also the 1861 movement, providing 48 hours power reserve.

Charming Replica Watches With Moonphase Display

Since ancient time, moon always gives people infinite reverie and mystery. And these moonphase watches are just the best tools to show you the clear change of the moon. Here come some.

Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster 304. Replica Watches

Drawing the inspiration from the deep blue sky, this white scale replica Omega watch presents us the delicate moonphase diaplay at 6 o’clock position, directly showing the proximal and distal images of the moon. And at the same time, it also features the tachymeter hand and chronograph function, making sure the wonderful performance.

White Dial IWC Portofino IW459011 Fake Watches

Moonphase display is considered as the most delicate complicated functions. For this replica IWC watch with the modern style deduced the luxurious fashion. Full moonphase display presents on the starry sky, presenting a wonderful visual effect. And inside of this brown leather strap fake IWC watch is a self-wind movement with 42 hours power reserve, providing accurate and reliable functions.

These Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches With Meteorite Dial Are Just So Charming

From the vast universe falling into to the earth, meteorite with its unique charm presents us the best visual effect. Each piece of meteorite with different lines, when it shows up on the dial of the watch, what would happen?

Grey Leather Strap Fake Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Of The Moon “Meteorite” Watches

Meteorite dial is based on a slice of the Gibeon meteorite that had fallen in namibia in prehistoric times. You can directly see the lines of meteorite on this white scale replica Omega watch, also with the decoration of the Sedna gold, making the whole replica Omega watch more eye-catching.

Black Bezel Replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo Watches

For this steel case replica Omega Speedmaster watch, the meteorite dial also is so charming, through moderate oxidation treatment, making the whole dial seem to be black, and at the same time, with co-axial movement inside, providing the accurate and reliable time.