The Modern US Omega Constellation Replica Watches With Swiss Movements

Today, the best quality replica Omega Constellation follows the same blueprint first put forth in the ‘80s, albeit with a far more contemporary palette of colorways on offer. The ‘claws’ are still present at 3 and 9 o’clock, serving as ornamental features that I suspect will largely fall into the “love it or hate it” realm with few in between. You’ve probably noticed the resurgence of the steel integrated case in recent years, like clockwork, bringing the Constellation once again back in line with modern tastes. Kind of.

Today, the full Constellation collection is over 150 variants deep. Sizes range from 35mm to 41mm, steel and precious metals, diamonds, MoP, two-toned… you name it, it’s probably in there. Featured here is the latest 41mm case with steel bezel and light-grey feathered dial. They do make a 39mm variant of this watch, which would likely cure the few niggles I found while wearing this one, but the 41mm is well within reason if you pay attention to the numbers. But, the numbers don’t always tell the full story on the wrist.
Comparing this watch to the Speedmaster, which measures 42mm, highlights just how important the shape and profile of the case really is. The Speedmaster wears far smaller than the 39 mm copy Omega Constellation thanks to the sheer volume of the case. There’s a lot of metal here that’s absent on the Speedmaster, and you feel that. By the calipers, the Constellation actually measures 40mm between the claws, and 41mm from the claws. It is 14mm thick, and measures 44mm from tip to tip, excluding the single protruding articulating link (include that and the measurement hits 49mm). Again, none of the numbers are offensive by any stretch, but it’s the space between them that gives the full picture here.
Most importantly, this is a watch you feel on the wrist. The Speedmaster (especially with the new bracelet) has a way of melting off the wrist through the day, you just barely notice it, with the steel case replica Omega Constellation, I found myself taking it off and setting it beside me while I went about my business. Seeing this case in 39mm would presumably change the calculus here in a big way for my wrist, but YMMV. The textured rubber strap and deployant clasp are well executed here and performed their duties adequately securing the watch to the wrist with little drama to speak of.

I found the most interesting element of this watch to be the dial. Dial color and texture is the real battlefield these days between brands, and while there may not be a green dial Constellation (yet), the texture Omega is pulling off here is really interesting. In most light, the effect is subtle, but can swing to dramatic quickly in a manner not dissimilar to meteorite. Up close, the texture looks like small cross hatched feathers that catch the light with some dimensionality. The high quality copy Omega makes no mention of the dial on the product page other than to label it, rather unceremoniously: “grey”. The remainder of the dial is rather straightforward, aside from the trapezoidal date aperture at 6 o’clock, whose stark white base stands in sharp contrast with that lovely dial.
As a whole, there are really only two elements that date this (otherwise on trend) design: the polished claws, and the etched roman numerals around the bezel. My feeling on roman numerals is that they can be tricky to pull off properly, but when done right, they can really sing. Appearing etched into the steel bezel here, they feel a bit out of place to my eye. More importantly, they seem redundant when paired with the long hour batons already on the dial, which are highly legible, and quite handsome. Likewise, the polished claws are an odd sight taken on their own, but taken together, there’s a certain vibe this aaa quality fake watch has that, regardless of your feelings on the individual pieces, will leave you saying “I get it”. This watch is like the 996 generation 911, it’s odd and there’s a few design choices that might leave you scratching your head, but it’s also kind of appealing as a result.